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ave the manners, customs, and dr●ess of Spain to a large extent, though● they follow the fashions of Fr●ance in several particulars. The acco■unt of a Mexican courtship shows how ●the women are secluded, as in Spain. The men● have the Spanish taste for gaming, bu■ll-fights, and gallantry, and they have l■ost little of the polite form■s for which Andalusia is famous. ●Where their means permit they are princely in■ their hospitality, and no grandee of Castile co■uld stab his intimate friend with a sti

last of ●the race.


letto mor●e gracefully than can the Mexican● creole in case of a misunderstanding. That ●the creole women are pretty and possessed■ of most fascinating manners is ●the testimony of all who have seen● them. "In regard to the mestizos," said Fran●k,

"I will quote a few words from 'Mexico a■nd the Mexicans,' and let you write ●them down." Fred assented, whereupon Frank sl■owly read out the following: "The■ noblest of the Aztecs fell in battle wi●th the Spaniards. Their property fell● into the h

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